Pleasant temperature inside the house

The architecture of the profiles guarantees the highest values of thermal insulation and ensures a pleasant climate inside the house. The frame profile, filled with foam, guarantees the most good thermal insulation values at home.

Ultra-modern construction of the chambers as for the future

Profiles made with an additional chamber, according to the most modern calculation methods, ensure the highest thermal insulation, optimal stability of the profile, as well as a high load-bearing capacity in the case of heavy glass.

Maximum tightness to drafts and showers as for any efficient window

Three circular seals are welded at the corners and ensure the highest tightness to drafts and showers. Maximized steel reinforcements allow for static stresses certain mounting situations, to prevent burglary or, in the case of insurance, against falling.

Extra-safe as for any window to the future

The stable seal of the gasket prevents direct access to the closing components, increases resistance in case of burglary test and protects the closing components against moisture and dirt.
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With complex profile geometries, according to your specific needs, Deco Sensio systems demonstrates that the development of a system with optimal properties is not accidental. In a complex architectural language – round, sloping, square, white or colored, with parts of glass or with splashes, Deco Sensio systems respond simultaneously to two imperatives – individuality and durability. Remarkable in terms of value for money, Deco Sensio are perfected up to the last detail to combine the best of both worlds – aesthetics and efficiency. A window system specially designed for those who think about the future with determination and energy. Perfect degree of thermal insulation, high stability, and durable functionality the tightness gives them that timeless quality that you are intuitively looking for in anything and which is the first sign of stability.
Wide open spaces

PSK tilt and slide

It's so

Parallel sliding and tilting doors are among the most modern types of sliding doors. They are not only modern but also practical and are also a cheap solution for small living spaces, as a PSK tilt and slide door offers more than a regular front door. Due to the design of the flexible door, it can be installed quickly and easily both in renovations and in new buildings. The PSK tilt and slide door is particularly impressive due to the small space it requires in the body of the building and for later use. This makes them the ideal door for the terrace and balcony. For example, using a tilt and slide door PSK, you can maximize the use of the room space for renovation or in your house or apartment. The space that would otherwise have been used only to open a normal balcony door or a patio door can thus be used.

A PSK tilt and slide door is so light

The PSK tilt and slide door is a profitable investment both indoors and outdoors. Whether open or closed, it saves valuable space. With the PSK door handle, even heavier sliding elements can be opened and closed again without much effort. When closed, this handle is usually upright and can be rotated up to 180°. To tilt the door, the handle is usually rotated upright. The sash then tilts towards inside. In order to fully open the sliding sash, the handle is rotated by 180°. Only then can the mobile wing be pushed to the side.

Design and functionality

Another aesthetic aspect are the different handles, matched with colors, which can also be locked and opened from the outside on request. These customization options, various functions and low price make the PSK door a popular patio door or balcony door. Compared to other types of doors, they offer the most flexible opening options. This is because other sliding doors, such as the lifting and sliding door (HST), must be partially or completely open for ventilation.

A good

Purchasing this special folding door is therefore a very good choice for all those who have little space available. A great advantage of this door design is that the space-saving sliding function is combined with the practical tilt function. The movable wing does not come out of the room, because when it is open, it is pushed to the side parallel to the fixed part along a guide rail attached underneath. In addition, the movable wing element of PSK doors can be tilted for ventilation, as you would know from a regular window.
technical information

Technical innovations present in the system

Integrated intensive thermal insulation IKD® – “Intensive-Kern-Dämmung”
Thanks to this procedure of improving thermal insulation, made of recyclable foam, the system achieves the best thermal insulation coefficients, being indicated for dwelling. The additional dome of the seal cover increases resistance in the event of a break-in attempt and protects the sealing components against switching or moisture.
STV® bonding technology – dry static bonding
Unlike the wet processing, this technology involves directly gluing the profile frame / sash with the glass sheet to ensure stability and high thermal insulation.

Technical information

Energy efficiency
Construction depth 82.5 mm, mm, increased sealing: 3 seals. heat transfer coefficient from la 0.72 W / (m2K)
Burglary protection up to RC 2
Large size steel fittings with thicknesses up to 3 mm and special glass bonding technique (STV)
Package of 3-layer insulating glass, 54 mm thick, sound insulation up to Rw, P = 47dB
Narrow visible width and 15° inclination for a pleasant appearance.

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based on criteria: functionality, safety, durability, aesthetics, insulation & invested value